You need a PICKIT2 to use this device correctly.

- Obtain a Pickit2 programmer from an electronics dealer. It is - Microchip part number PG164120.
- Your Harvestman Digital Audio Electronics dealer may also sell them.
- Connect the Pickit to your USB port.
- Install the software on the CD, and launch it (Windows).

To burn your own Piston Honda ROMs:

Obtain the "25LC512" serial EEPROM chip in DIP package from your electronics dealer. You can also use the 25AA512 if in stock.

- Connect the Pickit to your USB port.
- Install the software on the CD, and launch it (Windows).
- Connect the Firmware Programmer header to the Pickit, lining up the triangle graphics.
- Install one of the EEPROM chips into the Programmer's socket, taking care to not bend the pins.
- From the Device Family menu, select "EEPROMS" (25xx family), then select the 25LC512.
- Use the File menu to load the HEX or BIN file for your waveform data.
- Press the Write button to send the data to the chip and wait for confirmation.
- Remove the chip from the socket when you have a success message, and install it into your - Piston Honda expander.

TO update firmware:
- Connect the module's 6-pin header to the Pickit.
- From the Tools menu, select "Check Communication", and the processor should be - correctly detected and identified.
- From the File menu, select "Import Hex" and open the firmware file you wish to upload. - When this is done, the program should self-identify the processor type of your module.
- If it reports that the hex file is successfully loaded, push the "Write" button and wait one minute for the green Success message.
- After this, you may disconnect the module and continue using it in your system.

Note that older designs use a different programming header. The Harvestman Device Programmer adapts the Pickit to this older header. To program using this setup, plug the Pickit into the header on the black Device Programmer board. Plug the ribbon cable into the programming header on the old module. Connect the module to the modular system's power supply and turn on. If the computer reports a USB error, disconnect the ribbon cable from the module and plug it in the other way. Now, repeat the steps described above to open the hex file and write the firmware to the module.

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