frequently asked questions

THE HARVESTMAN is a modular digital sound synthesizer with an analog voltage control interface.

how can I get one?

Consult my authorized dealers to get an idea of pricing and availability.

do you sell PCBs?

All parts stock is currently allocated to the fulfillment of wholesale orders. Bare boards are not available due to the inability to support user assembly of surface-mount material.

what kind of power supply do i need?

Any dual 12V power supply will suffice, particularly those in the "Eurorack" standard such as the Doepfer PSU2. You do not need an additional 5V supply to use the digital modules, this voltage is internally provided in the most awesome manner possible.

what format are these modules?

All Harvestman devices are in Eurorack format. There is no desire to adapt these designs to Frac-rack format.

who uses harvestman devices?

Enthusiasts of odd electronic timbre and new functional density. There is no "featured artists" list because I don't divide my client list into a hierarchy of notability.

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