Dual VCA and digital envelope generators.

A VCA/envelope module of exceptional character. This module is the keystone (and the meridian) of the Harvestman Industrial Music Electronics voice, perfectly matched to the Piston Honda and Hertz Donut oscillators.


Per channel (2 channels total):

- AD/AHD envelope generator with VC curve shaping (linear/log/expo)
- Two envelope outputs (one with attenuverter)
- Trigger input (also acts as slew voltage input)
- Assignable envelope CV input and EOA/EOD output
- High-quality linear VCA with dedicated CV input, envelope amount control, initial gain slider, and cross-modulation input

Other features such as additional envelope stages, envelope mixing, and wavetable-based envelope curves shall become available in the future with a small expansion module.

Size: 19HP



Manual Download (pdf format)